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*Conditions Apply.
  • Guaranteed Benefits are available only if all due premiums are paid and policy is in-force.
  • Guaranteed Additions are calculated @ 3.5% p.a. of Sum Assured (Rs. ) compounded annually for the first 4 years and is paid at Maturity of the policy.

For more details of the above bonus, please refer to the illustration in the Preview section just before making the payment.

1 Guaranteed Surrender Value(at Year end before paying Survival Benefits) + Cash Value of Bonuses accrued.

2 Non Guaranteed Surrender Value(at year end befre paying survival benefit)+Cash value of bonuses accrued.

  • The above illustration is applicable to a non-smoker male/female standard (from medical, life style and occupation point of view) life.
  • The main objective of the illustration is that the client is able to appreciate the features of the product and the flow of benefits in different circumstances with some level of quantification
  • Once bonus is declared in any year and added to the policy, the bonus so added is guaranteed.

The above amounts assume that all premiums are paid when due. Further, the above death and surrender values are illustrated assuming that all the modal/installment premium payable in a policy year are paid (i.e. the event occurs at the end of the policy year). If death or surrender occur then only some of the modal/installment premium are paid, then the death or surrender values will only consist of that premium that has been paid. Accordingly, the death or surrender values at a time other than at the end of the policy year will be lower than those illustrated above.


  1. The policy acquires surrender value if premiums are paid for at least 3 consecutive years. The guaranteed surrender value will be equal to thirty five percent of all premiums paid excluding the first year premium, all extra premiums and premiums for rider benefits and reduced by fixed term benefits paid. Cash value of accrued guaranteed additions and vested bonuses, if any, will be paid along with the guaranted surrender value. The company, at its discretion, may also pay non-guaranteed surrender value which may be higher.
  2. The above information must be read in conjunction with the product brochure
  3. Tax Benefits under Section 80C and 10 (10D) would be available as per the prevailing Income Tax laws.
  4. For any further clarifications, please feel free to contact your advisor / FSC or e-mail us on


Annual bonuses from the 5th year onwards. The rates of the annual bonuses are not guaranteed and will depend on the experience of the company in terms of investment return, mortality, expenses, etc. For the purpose of illustrations we have used 10% and 6% as the higher and the lower rates of investment returns respectively, in the calculations. These are in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Life insurance Council and in no way signify our expectations of investment return in the plan. The actual investment return may be higher or lower than the above rates. The investment returns shown should not be construed to be the range within which investment returns will fall. Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation. Product Code :A03. UIN: 105N014V02

  Income Tax Slab Rate         
Values are illustrative and not guaranteed


1. Tax amount is calculated by applying tax rate on premium paid or Rs.1,00,000 whichever is lower.
2. Tax amount is arrived by using the following formula:
  (Total Estimated Maturity Benefit - Sum of all annual premiums paid) * Tax rate

3. The quantum of Income tax benefits mentioned in the illustration is based on rate of tax which is currently prescribed under Finance Act, 2012. The rate used for calculation of the income tax benefits is inclusive of the applicable cess @ 3% on tax. This rate is subject to change as per the provisions of the Finance Acts for the future years, as a result of which the quantum of tax benefits illustrated may either reduce or increase in future. Tax benefits are subject to conditions specified under section 10(10D) and section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and are subject to amendments from time to time.
4. It is always advisable for a customer to take an independent view from his tax experts. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited will not be responsible in cases where any tax benefits as stated above are denied to the policyholder.